Why a Blog? Taking the First Step

New Yorker Cartoon

“Blog Breakdown”, courtesy of Larry Cuban’s blog

Here’s my first post on the blog site that I’ve had for quite a while. I’ve read the helpful columns on starting a blog and I’ve thought hard about what I hope to accomplish. Let’s face it: there are probably a mixture of reasons for doing this that the New Yorker cartoon above illustrates far better than my thousand words.

My selfish reason is that I know how important it is for me to write. It’s a discipline, like going to that gym. Like exercise, writing is something that I know I should do but find all kinds of excuses not to do it. It’s going to be my way to think about the connections between the things I like to read about, the ideas that excite me, and the ideas that trouble me.

Why not a diary for doing all that? Well, I hope there’s a constructive exercise in doing this on a blog, where you, the reader, can move the ideas along or set them straight. I certainly don’t want to add to Jean Twenge’s flashpoint evidence on our collective societal narcissism.

You can read my About page to learn more about what topics I’ll focus on and why. That’s all for now–time to head to that gym.

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