My work is mission-driven, which means that I look for and work on educational initiatives that produce social good. Here is a partial list of current projects that I am excited to advance. Please take a moment to explore these projects and consider supporting their mission.

Fair Opportunity Project is empowering students to access and afford college.

Fair Opportunity Project: “Empowering students to access and afford college.” This is a new nonprofit organization that was founded in 2017 by two Harvard College students who wrote and distributed a free, comprehensive college admissions and financial aid guide to 64,000 public school educators–and counting. I am working with this talented group to hone their strategic plan, identify growth strategies and develop a diversified funding model.

Thoreau College is liberal arts for the whole human being.

Thoreau College: A new microcollege founded in the beautiful Driftless region of Viroqua, Wisconsin. Thoreau College seeks to reorient the college model through purposeful connection with community and the liberal arts. I am facilitating their strategic planning process.

JAAB is feeding and nurturing roots.

JAAB: Authentic conversation focusing on education, diversity, and access. This is a new initiative that launched through +Acumen’s social entrepreneur online course. JAAB highlights and brings together information and resources by and for the many diverse communities in Madison, Wisconsin. JAAB helps you bring your workshop, meeting, or conference idea to implementation through a process that ensures a diverse and inclusive environment for all. I provide content for the website, business planning, and networking among social entrepreneurs and diverse stakeholders in the community.