I help education organizations communicate in ways that advance their mission and growth.

You are a busy professional, using your expertise and passion to provide educational services and programs. You are stretched thin with the demands of running your organization, raising funds, keeping abreast of the latest policies and developments in your field, and connecting your programs and services to the students who want and need them.

Communicating all the good that you’re doing can fall to the bottom of your to-do list. The blog posts become less and less frequent; the annual report gets pushed to the evenings and weekends; those whitepapers that really help make your case for funding are just too daunting to tackle. Grants get thrown together just before the deadline. Social media posts? Who has the time?


All your hard work and accomplishments become less visible, and that makes everything else you do that much harder.


When you hire me, I bring the knowledge, experience, and expertise that you can trust. I am skilled in bringing a wide variety of complicated and industry-specific information to a general audience in language that inspires them to act.

Here’s what you can expect:

A deep knowledge base of education and nonprofits. I read widely in the sector publications of record that you also read and rely on. I bring the depth and perspective of graduate training in these fields and on-the-ground experience in K-12 and higher education settings.

Communications pieces that work across your many needs. I produce writing that tells your story and make your case for support on websitesbrochures, fundraising letters, newsletters, annual reports, grant proposals, policy papers.

A transparent and organized process. I’ve developed a template that gets us through the writer’s block and guides the content to produce the impact on your readers that you are looking for. Every project begins with this process.

Communications strategies informed by the best practices in the field. The Internet is exploding with information. I follow industry trends in content marketing to ensure that you’re getting that ROI (return on investment) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that helps families and funders find you and keep your organization top-of-mind in your community and your field. 

I want your mission to succeed because I believe in it as much as you do. Persuasive writing comes from conviction. I provide these services because I needed them when I was in your role. This is the reason behind my work: when you advance student access and student success, we all benefit.